Sunday, 19 October 2008

Happy Birthday

Big sister's birthday today, so had a bit of a family get-together. She's the cute blonde one, not the funny little ginger thing. And, yeah, yeah, I know - haven't changed a bit.


Kelvin Blake said...

That is exactly the same face you pulled when we got you elected with a great majority in 2005.

Not very professional I know but reckon your way cuter than your sister. Happy Birthday by the way!!

Kerry said...

You can't spoil my sister's birthday by telling her that I'm cuter! It's bad enough for her being so much older.

Besides, I haven't actually confessed that it's me yet - tho' the fact that another sister posted it on Facebook without my knowledge and captioned it 'Cheeky Kerry' does somewhat give the game away!

Paul said...

I think you were taller then

Kerry said...

I had better hair.