Sunday, 26 October 2008

Furby factor

I've sort of got X Factor on in the background while I'm looking at emails and blogging. What is going on with that young lad's hair?


timbone said...

See, that's what I like about you Kerry, you have some strange views, and never tuck into a nice piece of chicken or beef steak, but you do normal things as well, like watch the 'X' Factor - OK, sort of watch the 'X' Factor. Now that is something I could never do, despite the fact that I am well tuned to my feminine side, I still could never multi task. Anyway, who do you think is going to be in the last three?

Anonymous said...

it's GOT to be laura, ruth and that one with the attichood, what's she called... oh yes, rachel.

the boys are crap. especially eoghan. i can't believe they've not got rid of him yet. (and not ONLY because his hair is criminal)

Kerry said...

Are Laura and Ruth the two who look quite similar but one is Spanish?

timbone said...

Yes Kerry, Ruth Lorenzo. I was reading what I said, I did not mean I could never watch the 'X' Factor, I love it, I meant I could not multi task, ie do other things at the same time.

kieron, I hate to say it, but I think that little darling who spells his name wrong, Owen, could well be in the last three. I also think that for some reason Rachel is getting a big vote. Then of course there is Diana, the quirky blonde kid. See? the fickle GBP do some strange voting, look at last year, that guy who won, what is his name?......anyway, many of us would never have thought he would have even got past the first few weeks!!