Sunday, 12 October 2008

Catch up

I suppose I better start blogging again. No excuse for my absence, just been busy. Back to school and all that.

The big question is, of course, has Hamilton blown it for a second year running? (I'm watching the replay, so I don't know yet). Suppose it doesn't matter too much if Massa has blown it too.

Trying to remember what I've been up to over the past week or so, apart from losing by-elections (we was robbed). Meanwhile, here's news of Blog Action Day, coming soon - October 15th to be precise. I've signed up to take part, but not quite sure what that entails at the moment. Blogging, perhaps?

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Hughes Views said...

Sorry about the by-election and for not coming down to help. But, even with my legendary (!) canvassing & GOTV skills, I guess it might have been difficult to find the extra hundred and a few voters needed.

But at least the Tory vote also went down - no one much seems really to like their boy Dave or his chums, especially not most long-standing members of their party...

As someone famous once said, LibDems = street fighters rather than serious opponents. But they're awfully difficult to shift from council seats once they get in and start sending the electorate nice photographs of their councillors standing near familiar lampposts and suchlike.