Sunday, 12 October 2008

Catch up - banking crisis*

And yes, we're allowed to call it that now. Gordon says so. I've been in the Chamber for a couple of statements from the Chancellor this past week, plus an economics lesson for Cameron at PMQs (the lesson being, don't ask Gordon about the economy - he knows more than you). This coming Tuesday we have the Second Reading of the Banking Bill. Must admit, I was slightly taken aback at the number of British investors who were caught out by the Icelandic problems, and now it appears that even the Cats Protection League has been stung to the tune of £11m. New poll on my website asks: should the Government bail out local authorities in respect of their Icelandic losses?

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Terry said...

Gordy finds BILLIONS. When the dust settles he will have a problem, who will believe the cupboard is bare? All the NHS closures, no money for this, no money for that, but a few billion for failed banks, NO PROBLEM, he's a dead duck, GIVEN TIME.