Friday, 26 September 2008

War breaks out in Bristol West

In case you didn't see this in Latest Comments - tension mounts as the Lib Dem Spring Conference draws ever nearer. And still no word from the Lib Dem MP for Bristol West regarding Nick Clegg's latest slap on the wrist. Will he be telling his leader I told you so? (Actually I've been getting mysterious missed calls from a Leeds number over the last few days; wonder if it's Nick?)

Didn't get a good look at Mr Williams' face at this morning's Cabot Circus opening, as Council Leader Helen Holland praised Paul Smith for being the guy who started it all when, as a councillor, he set up a City Centre Development Committee and pushed forward plans to revitalise that part of the city centre. Lib Dem talk, Labour action!

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Paul said...

When we were trying to revive Bristol's fortunes as a major European City in the 1990s the Lib Dems opposed everything new and all partnership working with the private sector. I notice it doesn't stop them turning up for free booze and food when it opens.