Friday, 26 September 2008

Polls and websites

My website - the official one - has been attracting admiration in some quarters. I'm told by one MP that it was used as the basis for a training session at Labour conference, and several other MPs have now signed up the same guy - Andy at HBR - to do their sites. Unfortunately I'm not on commission. One of these is my colleague, David Drew. I particularly like his current poll. I have voted maybe. Twice. (Although I can mock - my current poll results add up to 98%).

I'm thinking of introducing a less serious poll on the blog page. Maybe something along the lines of: Are you fat? Is it your fault? With the options being (a) Yes and yes, (b) Yes and no, or (c) No and no. What do you think?


Kerry said...
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Chris Hutt said...

What about (d) No and yes? That would be my answer.

Kerry said...

That's just showing off.

Anonymous said...

oh kerry, it's such a shame your website wasn't nominated for some sort of, oh, i don't know, mp's website award?


btw surely the poll results are rounded lol

Kerry said...

Kieron - you can tell your boss I'm going to sue for plagiarism. Oh wait... it's you I should sue, isn't it? I hope the credit crunch means you have absolutely no time at all to work on his website over the next year. And no time for McFly concerts either!