Monday, 22 September 2008

Labour Conference Special (4)

While Conference wrestles with the challenges of the downturn in the global economy and the UK's response to the credit crunch, I am faced with a far more pressing decision: do I attempt to try to straighten my hair again, or give it up as a lost cause? It looked fine when I left the flat this morning, but after a ten minute hike to the 5 Live show dressed in a frankly climatically inappropriate cashmere sweater dress and knee-length boots, I looked like Monica in that episode of Friends when they all decamp to the Caribbean for a paleontology conference. It is not supposed to be sunny up North.

David M is on the television making his big Conference speech. And it's very good. Yes, he's quite Blair-like but (and I know I'm probably in the minority on this) I've always thought Tony's speeches were a little bit too hammy. You could see the actor coming through. Both Cameron and Clegg have gone down that route, but David avoids it. As predicted, Sky is interpreting David's challenge to Cameron on Europe as a sign that he's positioning himself as Cameron's future opponent at the despatch box. And his rallying call against defeatism in the party, saying we can beat the Conservatives at the next election, is 'obviously' a sign that he has the leadership in his sights. Adam Boulton has however noted that the body language between Gordon and David was 'quite warm', which might mean that perhaps they're willing to work together. I can't believe people get paid for this stuff.

Have been straightening my hair while typing this - I'm a woman, I multi-task - so heading back to Conference centre now for Douglas. Read his speech on his Spad's Blackberry last night: Food, Fuel, Finance - you heard it here first.


Glenn Vowles said...

Yes, I'd much rather the media focussed on the really big issue 'the challenges of the downturn in the global economy and the UK's response to the credit crunch' as you put it.

There ia a great post on the Sustainable Development Commission Chairman Jonathon Porritt's blog about the current economic situation.

Why not take up the point he and several of the commenters on his blog are making?

timbone said...

Kerry, it is so frustrating. I could leave my front door, catch the 41 bus only seconds away, and be there in between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on traffic. I could drive in and be there in between 30 and 190 minutes, depending on parking. I could leave when you where getting out of bed and be there to say hello, depending on how long it takes for you to do your hair and makeup.

Alas, looking after my daughter's dog, meeting publishing deadlines, and the tight security at the Labour Party Conference (do people really hate them that much) makes this impossible.

Just think Kerry, I could wave from the crowds and shout, "It is timbone".

Kerry, do me one favour if you can. Go to the Forest/Free Society fringe meeting today, even if it is just to see Joe Jackson.

The Bristol Blogger said...

Now, I'm no expert on fashion and hair care products but I fear the rather bland and arid descriptions of these products in your blog may lead to accusations of disloyalty toward the city in this, the most auspicious of all weeks for the city.

Do you not realise that the opening of Cabot Circus shopping centre is at hand? The most exciting and talked about event in the city since the Second World War (©Bristol Evening Post)?

Therefore simple terms like "inappropriate cashmere sweater dress" will not do in this time of cynical media-led marketing exercises. Something along the lines of "a stylish cashmere sweater dress from Vera Wang at Harvey Nichols, Quakers Friars, which is really hot right now," might be a little more appropriate.

"Knee length boots" will have to go too. How about "a pair of this season's must-have knee length boots by Fendi at Cruise, Cabot Circus"?

It would also be useful if you could provide some indication of the size, brand and rare species slaughtered for your handbag.

Your suggestion that hair straighteners only work for ten minutes is also unhelpful. The idea that health, beauty and fashion products are not 100% effective is a dangerous truth at this time, as together, we try to construct a feeling of heightened optimism and consumer exuberance while the economy crashes through the floor.

Glenn Vowles said...

Plenty of evidence that the patterns of mass consumption we have are causing our economic problems. So what do we do? Plan for more (...Cabot Circus) mass consumption (and, according to John Hutton, using the same old energy sources as in the past - coal and nuclear)!! Its like being hit continually on the head with a stick and still not learning to duck and then do something about being beaten!