Sunday, 21 September 2008

Labour Conference Special (2)

I am beginning to see the perks to this blogging thing. Following my recent post about songs I wanted to get hold of for my iPod but couldn't, I am now in possession of Different Drum (thanks Delbert!) and Mattress of Wire (thanks Stephen from the League of Scottish Credit Unions!)

Didn't make the Fabians blogging thing because they didn't send through any info about where it was, or put it in the Conference guide. Instead I paid a visit to the UNHCR stand and swanned around the exhibition centre with my entourage as MPs do. This is my 16th or 17th conference and I have never had an entourage before, but I 've noticed that absolutely every other MP seems to, so I collared Sophie from my Westminster office and Laurence from my constituency office who are both at Conference this year. Our tour lasted about 15 minutes before they both made their excuses and left. (Laurence seems to have joined Paul Smith's entourage. They have gone somewhere to talk about furniture).
Also met the Bradford posse again, and they told me that their school makes pupils pay for printing out their work, so basically kids on low incomes can't afford to print out their essays! They raised it with Ed Balls when they met him this morning, and he's going to pay the school a visit. He's also coming to Brunel soon, I hope.


Peter Black said...

I know exactly what you mean by staff and entourages. At Lib Dem Conference my staff seemed to prefer spending their spare time in the bar rather than making me look important. :-)

The Bristol Blogger said...

I'm no expert in psychology but I think you may be suffering from 'entourage envy'.

I suggest you get some tips off Dawn Primarolo. It might defy all sense, but she's managed to maintain a well-drilled entourage for years now.