Sunday, 28 September 2008

Dispatches - Monday night

At last the spotlight is falling on the Tories... Looks like tomorrow night's Dispatches programme is a must-see. Would be interesting to know how Cameron's and Osborne's millions are invested too. I don't suppose they're in a Bradford and Bingley savings account.


Devil's Kitchen said...


I really don't think that any of the three main parties are in any position to criticise the sources of each other's donations, do you? I would say that all three of you are on a very sticky wicket in this regard.

For instance, how much have the unions donated to Labour over the last ten years (over and above the taxpayers' money laundered through the "union restructuring fund", of course), and what concessions a) have they demanded, and b) been given?

In terms of policy being up for sale, few governments have indulged their donors quite as much as NuLabour. Can anyone say, "Bernie Ecclestone"? Or "Lakshmi Mittal"? Or "the Hinduja Brothers"?

Yes, I would recommend being very quiet on this issue...


Kerry said...

That's a convenient way of getting them off the hook. I don't accept the charge that Labour policy is, or has been, 'up for sale' - but leaving that to one side... isn't it better that the spotlight is shone on all parties, rather than none?

As for the unions, they are an integral part of the Labour party, including its policy-making processes. It's transparent, and open - policies are debated at union conferences, the TUC and Labour conference, and the National Policy Forum documents are published. It may come as a surprise to you, but Labour politicians accept much of the union agenda because we believe in the same ideals and share the same view of what sort of society we want to live in. Surely the Conservatives should be as open too, and not hide behind these 'dinner clubs'?

angelin said...

We believe the comments made in the film speak for themselves - several speakers were clearly shown making abhorrent and extreme comments. All the speakers featured in the film were offered a right to reply and none denied making these comments, nor have any of them complained to Ofcom to our knowledge.

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Glenn Vowles said...

The spotlight is falling on the Tories. Good, I welcome that! I understand that the C4 Dispatches program says that certain hedge fund managers who have participated in short-selling, a practice much blamed for making the financial crisis even worse, are giving large amounts of money to the Tories.

The spotlight should also be on the Labour Govt however. They have been more than happy with the capitalist system and its short-termist banking practices. Sleeping regulators have not be seen as a problem by them. They have sucked-up to markets and basked in the glow of short-term ‘success’, and allowed a small number of people to take the profit whilst society pays the costs. Like the Tories, Labour too celebrate and advocate debt-funded mass consumerism, the belief that the more we consume the better off we are.

Paul said...

I would like to see one quote that says Labour encourages people to get into debt, this is tory spin. Also it is fair to say that the Government of any country has to work within the international market - that only leaves capitalism. Its not about being happy with it but having to deal with it - a green government would have to work within the same constraints.

As for sleeping regulators the tories have fought us on every introduction of regulation as they believe that it constrains the free market. Indeed the plans they drew up last year were to reduce regulation even further.

The spotlight is already on the Government, quite rightly because they are the Government, it is the opposition parties including the greens that can criticise without any media focus on their policies.

Glenn Vowles said...

Paul, no alternative to capitalism (?) - from a Labour supporter! At this time of massive trouble in the capitalist system of all times! No wonder people get turned off from politics.

There are alternatives and no better time to pursue them than now. Just look at where the approach of govts around the world has taken us: huge economic problems; social division; environmental degradation. We need fresh politics badly.

Time to propose and work for a better economic model based on sustainability, security and stability I'd say.

The Labour Govt have overseen an economy where regulation has been light and there are many incentives for short-termism.They've had the majority to do what they like for ten years now. Far from reluctantly working within constraints imposed by international capitalism Labour have positively embraced it.

Models of development and 'regeneration' like Bristol's Cabot Circus fully embrace, advocate and celebrate mass consumerism, which does the maximum it can to get people to spend - including money they dont have (ie they get stuff on credit). Council leader helen Holland called Cabot Circus a 'quantum leap' beyond our wildest dreams (Can she see nothing better than spend, spend, spend ???)!

I certainly wouldn't mind more media focus on the policies of the Greens! Try as we might we are often ignored, except perhaps on some blogs. I'm often shouting green policies from the rooftops and hopefully new leader Caroline Lucas MEP will do a better job for us! See Green New deal plans details here:

Anonymous said...

The Labour Party criticising the Tories for taking money from hedge funds is absurd.

The Labour Party, for starters, takes money from Paul Myners, a director of GLG a £25bn hedge fund. He's also chair of the Guardian Media Group and - locals might be interested to hear this - Land Securities, owners of Carboot Circus!

Now why might local Labour politicians be praising this piece of overblown speculative real estate to the high heavens?

Kerry said...

I had no idea of any connection between Cabot Circus and this particular donor. I just think people will like shopping there.

You owe me an apology.

Anonymous said...

I should apologise to you because you haven't got the foggiest idea what's being done to my city by your wealthy supporters?

Shall I apologise for the credit crunch too? I think I've got £500 outstanding on my credit card still.

Kerry said...

You've more or less accused me and my colleagues of corruption - of supporting Cabot Circus because some guy connected to it gave money to my party. You can't just throw round such accusations.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm saying you have an undeclared conflict of interest.

Do you not think there is one here?

Kerry said...

No, I don't.

Glenn Vowles said...

Do you object to the source of the money from this donor to Labour Kerry?

Kerry said...