Monday, 29 September 2008

Conservative conference

I am trying to remember who called George Osborne "a puffy-faced devil child" last week. It caused quite a heated debate in the office, over whether he really could be described as puffy-faced. Anyway, I look forward to hearing him being questioned as to how he squares the Conservatives supposed commitment to local democracy with his dictat that there will be a freeze on council tax rises under a Conservative Government. Hopi Sen has a good post on other Tory inconsistencies - they're all over the place on regulation, for instance - which saves me the bother.


Paul said...

Interestingly to freeze council taxes (it used to be called capping) they will also have to freeze police authority spending (at the 2.5% rate they have quoted). It just looks like good old tory cuts in public services to me - education, social services and police - hmm not sure that will be popular when people realise.

Glenn Vowles said...

I've called George Osbourne worse things than a puffy-faced devil child'! Kerry, when can the Govt give us two-way tv in all homes so that when I shout at the telly during Osbournes speeches he can hear me!!

Both Osbourne and Boris Johnson still managed to talk fondly about the virtues of the free market at the Tory conference today, despite the fact that the the whole capitalist system is in chaos. As I write the news at ten is reporting the failure of the $700billion bailout package in the USA. Who knows what could happen now - we are in new territory!

Osbourne contradicted himself on tax cuts. In one breath he said there might not be money for them, then in the next he promised a freeze in council tax for two yrs which is effectively a tax cut!! Apparently paid for through 'effiencies'!

hopisen said...

It was me in my fund raising e-mail for my half marathon! (cough, cough) He is sort of puffy faced, and he does look like Damien grown up and turned sulky.

Mind you. I'm just jealous cause he's shadow chancellor of the exchequer and I'm a nobody!

Paul said...


It is not a tax cut it is an attack on local government - after the tories have been saying for two years that they support councils against the centre.

By the way two way teles would be bad for the environment as they would use a lot of electricity to work as you propose. I suggest you save energy by not watching programmes which could seriously affect your health


Kerry said...

Yes, Hopi, I'll be sponsoring you! Everyone support Hopi - it's for a good cause, Epilepsy Action.