Friday, 26 September 2008

Cameron on Sky

Just seen clips from Cameron being interviewed by a panel of experts on Sky TV. His mantra re Osborne's 'it's a function of financial markets to make money out of other people's misery' is to repeat 'we take no pleasure from it' ad infinitum, but he couldn't quite bring himself to say it was unacceptable. The whole thing is being shown at 8pm tonight. From what I saw, Kate Burley was doing a fine job.

Ed Vaizey was on the Wright Stuff this morning wearing a hoodie.


Paul said...

I saw him on Andrew Marr this morning. It is breathtaking that he blames the regulators and regulations for all of the problems and not the organisations and people that engage in the speculation. Especially so since until this crisis began the tories wanted less regulation.

Kerry said...

I think you might find the answer to that by watching Dispatches tomorrow night!