Monday, 4 August 2008


I heard some very sad and shocking news earlier today. John Deasy, the long-serving councillor for St George West, has been found dead at his Beaufort Heights home. We're not sure of the details at the moment, but it appears that his neighbour heard him coughing or choking; by the time an ambulance arrived, he was already dead. John - who was a personal friend as well as a Labour Party colleague - had represented St George for the best part of two decades, along with his fellow Labour councillor Ron Stone. He worked on the buses for much of his life, where he was a T&GWU rep, and then at SARI; he was passionate both about his trade unionism and about fighting discrimination. More recently he'd got a job working with people with disabilities, which he loved; he brought a group of them down to parliament for a day trip last year, and had an obvious rapport with them. A sad loss, to the Labour Party and to St. George.

The local Labour Party was also saddened by the news today of the death of Frances Easton. Along with her late husband, George - who was a well-known local councillor - and her sister, Margaret Davey, Frances was a stalwart of Bristol East Labour Party and was also active in her local church, St. Lukes in Brislington. Frances, who was in her nineties, had been ill for some time. She gave many years of service to the Labour Party, and will be remembered with great fondness.


Mrs Blogs said...

Sorry, for your loss.

Chin up, kid.

puppet freezone said...

So sorry to hear you've received such sad news Kerry.

My thoughts and heart are with you and the loved ones of those who have passed on.

Stu Megan said...

I went to Primary School then 6 of us including John went on to St Brendans. I have not seen him for 40 years but only last year I contacted him onlne from out here in Arizona where I now live. John was a decent and loyal person and a great friend during those early school years. A great shock to hear of his death. Rest in peace. My condolences to his family.

Kerry said...

Thanks for your comments, and good to hear from you in Arizona, Stu. You're right - he was a good guy, and we'll all miss him. Still hard to believe he's actually gone.

Kerry said...

Funeral is this Friday, 22nd, followed by a wake at St George Labour Club. If anyone wants details, they can contact my office.

Stu Megan said...

If you are going to the funeral, and maybe speaking , I refer to the last two things he said to me some time ago now and in the same paragraph ;). Both sum him up.. One is probably too dark in humor ( or is that humour)

Anyway , John Said:

1 The words "Your mother never gave birth to a quitter" kept us all going. Lovely woman an inspiration.

2 If my father had been alive when he was cremated, all the family agreed it would have been a lot more fun.