Monday, 18 August 2008

The more you ignore me, the closer I get (4)

Revered international statesman and bringer of peace to troubled parts of the world, David Cameron, has hit on a solution to the Georgia crisis. Stop those Russians shopping in Selfridges (sandwiched, naturally, between suspending Russia's membership of the G8 and inviting Georgia to join NATO.)

'Russian armies can’t march into other countries while Russian shoppers carry on marching into Selfridges' says Diplomat Dave. (Erm.... Hasn't he got that the wrong way round?)

Regular readers of this blog will note that I have resisted the temptation to use 'Georgia on my Mind' or 'Midnight Train to Georgia' or 'The Devil went down to Georgia' as a title. So far...


thebristolblogger said...

Yes but isn't inviting Georgia to join NATO government policy? Or have we changed our minds at the first sight of a couple of Russian tanks?

Kerry said...

They'd have to jump through quite a few hoops first. But that wasn't the point I was making. I was pointing out the ridiculousness of conflating two issues - suspending Russia from the G8 and stopping those Ruskies from shopping in Selfridges. As if they're equally important. (Do I really have to spell this out?)

I am, however, still somewhat confused. Cameron may have been suggesting that we should encourage them to shop in Selfridges; that way they'd be too busy to invade other countries.

And I am still wondering why he chose Selfridges. I am not an expert on the shopping habits of ruinously wealthy oligarchs, but I would have thought Harvey Nicks or Harrods would have been more down their street. Have Selfridges stopped stocking Smythsons or something?