Sunday, 17 August 2008

The more you ignore me, the closer I get (3)

I think the Indy's leader column gets it spot on:

"Although Gordon Brown has been conspicuous by his low profile, at least he has avoided making a dash to Tblisi, as David Cameron has done, to show disingenuous solidarity with the Georgian people and to repeat – apparently on behalf of the British Government – the promise of Nato membership. Instead of looking statesmanlike, which may have been the intention, he looks concerned but unworldly and immature."

Except I don't think he comes across as 'concerned' about anything except getting his picture in the paper.


The Bristol Blogger said...

But what's this? The boy Miliband being urgently sent to Georgia in the wake of Cameron's visit?

Presumably this is an example of extraordinary statesmanship?

Anyway, it'll be interesting to hear what he's got say to them beyond "sorry, can't do anything because the Italians, Germans and the cheese eating surrender monkeys are more worried about their gas supplies than emerging democracies in the Caucuses."

Kerry said...

He's Foreign Secretary. It's his job.

Unfortunately being PPS at DFID means I have to restrain myself from saying too much on international issues in public, hence not answering Glenn Vowles' questions elsewhere. I have to stick to cute animals, favourite/ least favourite songs, my new car and what could be termed 'tedious party political whinges'. Now where have I heard that phrase before?