Saturday, 9 August 2008

Juxtaposed with U (2)

By which I don't mean Juxtaposed with U2, which doesn't sound at all appealing.

I've just been looking at Sadie's Tavern, and she's talking about Femail too. Second day in a row, actually. But so far I don't think either Sadie or Michael White have mentioned bingo wings, so there is still a small spark of originality contained somewhere within my blog.

Have also just looked up inertia on Wikipedia. Not a good idea. (You have to see previous comments on Juxtaposed with U to know what I'm on about). Then I looked up the dictionary definition, which is this. Surely 'disinclination to motion, action, or change' includes 'can't be bothered to blog'?

On a completely unrelated point, I saw a shop in Southmead yesterday called 'Your Smak'. I assume it's a Polish word as the Polish delicatessen up Church Road is called 'Smakus'. Quite amusing I thought.

1 comment:

Mrs Blogs said...

'the tendency of blogging/er at rest to remain at rest'

pretty much described the situation.

As for the Daily Mail stuff ...they have a view on how women should look hence all the barely veiled judgements on the people they feature.

Presumably some women buy it because they can revel in the fact that celebs are ordinary mortals who get cellulite and have bodily changes over time too.

Personally, I don't torture myself with the stuff. Unless it happens to be wrapped around my fish and chips.