Sunday, 10 August 2008

Hypocrisy is the greatest luxury

'Careerism, opportunism, can turn the politics into cartoonism'.

I'm not usually that keen on Catherine Bennett's comment pieces, but I liked this one. At last - someone who's not prepared to give Cameron an easy ride.

Especially refreshing after reading the Mail gushing about the 'surfer dude' with his 'slicked back hair, toned pecs and trendy wetsuit'. (Part chipolata, part black pudding I thought, 'though you have to admit, his wife looks pretty good in a bikini).

Still, it gives me the excuse I've been waiting for to post a pic of a real surfer dude.

And here are some great quotes from Point Break too. 'You know nothing. In fact, you know less than nothing. If you knew that you knew nothing, then that would be something, but you don't.' Right.


Kerry said...

Something a bit weird has happened. I decided perhaps I should link to the Mail story - and it's disappeared. I'm sure it was the Mail - it even went on at great length about how his wife had bought his shorts at Boden, which is a Mail angle if ever I heard one. Next thing you know, we'll hear that Cameron is claiming the pics were an invasion of his privacy...

Mrs Blogs said...

You're not going bonkers. A google search for some key phrases(cameron boden shorts surf) does point to an article in the Daily Mail which seems to have disappeared as fast as it appeared (6hrs ago), sadly or fortunately depending who you are seems to have been too short a time to make it into googles cache.

This is a similar situation to an article Peter Oborne wrote/posted online/appeared briefly for the Mail on Tory sleaze and Alan Duncan's oil connections which disappeared (probably due to 'terribly legal stuff' as Duncan described it) but due to the nature of the internet was still available in Google's cache.

Being not one for voyeurism of a soft kind to be interested in Cameron captured by zoom lens etc etc but its certainly interesting in view of the criticisms of 'news management' or spin levelled at certain parties.

Cameras invited to the shops with Dave on one pseudo 'holiday' yet shut out of another such that an article is removed from the website does smack of 'news management' ...thin line between that and invasion of privacy etc

it may well be it was removed for some internal editorial decisions i.e. to make way for some other story (is it the same online as in the paper) nevertheless there are some interesting questions here in the interests of transparency, you understand.

Mrs Blogs said... could link to this at the News of The World instead

which is equally gushing:

"David, 41, certainly gave surfer dudes a run for their money. Trading his bike for a bodyboard it seems he’s in pretty good shape and doesn’t mind flexing his pecs in this ‘short-john’ wetsuit by Peak Performance.

It’s also likely to have been mail order and would have cost about £50

Top of the polls, and top in the fashion stakes. Now that’s not Boden well for Gordon Brown."

Pass me the bucket, quick!