Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Going for gold

I wouldn't dare for a moment suggest that the Government has anything to do with Team GB's Olympic success. But we'd have got the blame if it had all been a complete flop, wouldn't we?


DaveA said...

I am often negative or critical on this blog, not being a natural left of centre person. Grit the teeth, clench the buttocks, curl the toes, I think the Labour Party can get some credit for our success out there as I believe you were the architects that allowed funding of athletes from the lottery.

While I am paying the Labour Party some complements, the national rail service and public transport has greatly improved over the last 5 years and is what I describe as a "good service".

I'm off now to have a shower to feel clean again, after being nice to the Labour Party?

PS as I have been nice any chance of amending the smoking ban ;)?

Terry said...

Yes Kerry. You can also take credit for us not qualifying for Euro 2008.

Kerry said...

Of course - if only the Government had put more money into the woefully strapped for cash Premier League and given our top footballers a decent wage (the footballers' tax credit?), we'd not only have qualified; we'd have won.

Terry said...


Grass roots soccer for young English lads is a different proposition. Most of the Premier League consists of foreign players, this is why the International teams struggles.

Northern Lights said...

Afraid not El Tel...

England struggle because we're useless. It's got nothing to do with the prevelance of foreign footballers. In fact, I hear Manuel Almunia is going to be our next goalie...which would be a big improvement.

As for the grassroots; if success was proportional to the calibre of training facilities then I doubt that Brazil would be one of the best & most consistent teams in the world.