Friday, 15 August 2008


Took two nieces (aged 3 and 8) and a nephew (very nearly 6) to Castle Park for a picnic today. Exhausting. And I've promised to take not just them, but another nearly 6 nephew too, to Kew Gardens next week. (Three of my sisters gave birth within 32 days of each other in 2002. I'm convinced this can't be entirely coincidental but must have been due to the intervention of some devilish force, who will reveal his true intentions for them when they reach 6,6,6.... Not long to go now.)

My sisters have babies rather frequently; it can sometimes be difficult to keep track. A couple of years ago an intern in the London office took a call, and said, Kerry, it's your mother on the phone, your sister's just given birth. OK I said, matter-of-factly, trying to remember which one had looked pregnant when I'd seen them a month earlier at Christmas. Then my researcher said, are you sure she didn't ask for Chloe? It's just that my sister went into labour last night... Turns out I didn't actually have a pregnant sister at that time. But an easy mistake to make.

So I am far too tired to blog, and am going to have an early night. Might be getting a new car tomorrow! It's about as eco-friendly as you can get... but now that I've developed the walking almost everywhere habit I'm going to try to keep that up too.

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