Sunday, 13 July 2008

Weird fishes

I must come up with some pictures of things other than cute animals to post. There is a danger of me coming across as 'an animal lover' (or descending into Widdy Web territory - she has a section of her website devoted to her cats). I'm not actually that interested in animals; I just think we should treat them well and not eat them.

Anyway, I've been invited on a trip. Actually I've been invited on quite a few trips, including one to Dubai/ Abu Dhabi which sounds like the ultimate jolly, albeit my idea of hell. (I turned that one down - what's to investigate there - shopping, sun, sea and sand? The gross waste of natural resources in creating indoor ski mountains and artificial islands shaped like palm trees?)

The invitation I'm thinking of taking up is from IFAW. They want to take some MPs on a boat during recess to show how scientific research can be carried out on whales without harming them - i.e. not like the Japanese. They've stressed that this would be very much a working holiday, and MPs will be expected to lend a hand on the boat. (They don't realise they've invited someone who can't even change the vacuum cleaner nozzle without calling for assistance). Could turn out to be a fascinating experience.

And now it definitely is time for bed.

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Glenn Vowles said...

Go for it! I look forward to seeing a bit of feedback on this trip!