Monday, 21 July 2008

The truth is so boring

Here's the original Charlie Brooker article if that has sparked your interest. (Note the deliberate avoidance of certain key phrases... I have enough on my plate at the moment).

Another article which has stuck in my mind, especially now that I've seen a little of the programme in question, is his review of the Tribal Wives programme. He makes a fair point, doesn't he?


Whitby Bridge said...

You're PPS in the DFID. You're on holiday. You've got nothing to do.

What do you say about this?

Kerry said...

Parliament is not in recess yet.

There was a three hour debate on DFID's role in Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago, and a 90 minute one on Helmand a couple of weeks earlier, plus some Qs at DFID Qs last Weds. Some Tories take the view that we should be giving all DFID's budget for Afghanistan to 'our boys' in the armed forces; I think that's nonsense, but I can't speak for DFID - have a look at Hansard if you're really interested.

Dick Puddlecote said...

"In summary: you're pointless."

Brooker has that spot on. So Kerry, if you think he has a point, why the ridiculously idealistic stand against many many people who voted for you?

Just to expand ... do you remember saying that "I'm not interested in forcing people to give up (smoking)"? Well, below is a link to a story where an Irish MEP (who also doesn't believe she is as Charlie Brooker describes, but instead rather more important than everyone else), is pushing for total prohibition of tobacco by 2025. If you aren't interested in forcing people to give up, can I take it then that you will resist this on behalf of your constituents that would like to have a choice? This would be a bit beyond just "popping outside" to smoke wouldn't it? Or would just "popping outside" Europe to buy them be "just an inconvenience" in a 'free' country?

I hesitate to bring history into this and mention the rise of the Mafia in the US after the previous experiment with 'Prohibition', as it might somehow be labelled as inappropriate as was treated the mention to you of the proponents of the first European smoking ban. But I venture to suggest that it might be a relevance that should be taken into consideration just before you ignore it and vote to make your (very reasonable, it seems) smoking friends into official criminal narcotic addicts.

Charlie Brooker's article was a very good one but there is the occasional person that really stands out and makes a difference. One who changed British history undoubtedly for the better, resisted threats to the British way of life, and has been voted the most loved Briton of all time, smoked cigars, you may even have heard of him.

Isn't it a shame that in this oppressive environment, he wouldn't have been judged on his good work, but instead on his personal lifestyle choices ... and have been dumped in the bin like some dodgy Welsh Assembly member.

How about that for keeping topical eh? ;-)

Terry said...


Have just read the article. This is frightening stuff, I would imagine Kerry is in agreement with prohibition. This is the real aim of Ash and the Labour govt.