Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Safe european home

Worth remembering what was said in Parliament before Simon Mann's extradition to stand trial. From his MP, Julian Lewis: “ My constituent, Mr. Simon Mann, has completed his jail sentence in Zimbabwe but has been transferred by the Mugabe regime to a potentially terrible fate in Equatorial Guinea, despite the fact that his appeals processes have not been completed and despite the assurances given to the British ambassador to Zimbabwe that that would not happen. May we have a statement as soon as possible on the Floor of the House from the Foreign Secretary about what action is going to be taken? Quiet diplomacy has failed and we now have to save Mr. Mann, whatever he has or has not done, from torture and a horrible death in a terrible situation.”

I didn't catch the name of the guy being interviewed on Newsnight last night about Mark Thatcher's chances of being brought to book, but he certainly wasn't worried about the prospect of being sued, was he?

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