Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The revolution will not be televised

But you can bet David Cameron's holiday will.

Imagine if Gordon had done this. Or if the Browns had gone in for soft focus shots of them gazing lovingly into each other's eyes like newly-weds on a sandy Suffolk beach? OK, the Camerons are better able to pull off that 'Boden catalogue couple' modelling shot, but does that mean people think he's fit to run the country? No, but with a little bit of help from these guys....

And what's that hidden in the small print? Having made great play on holidaying in Britain this year - and making sure it's being recorded for posterity - he'll be off to Turkey on a second holiday later on, with no cameras allowed. Once again, one Cameron for public consumption (like his 'look at me I'm cycling' routine), with the other one not far out of sight (like his chauffeur-driven car).

Incidentally, wasn't it convenient that Cameron's bike was stolen while he was 'popping into Tesco's to buy salad for supper'? Would he have confessed if he'd actually been buying doughnuts? Not that he seemed to have anything in his hands when he was pictured outside the shop wondering where his bike had got to... Maybe he'd eaten them before he got to the till?

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