Thursday, 10 July 2008

Out come the freaks*

A quick peek at Tom's blog reminded me that tomorrow is DD's moment of glory. I'd forgotten, along with virtually everyone else.

Here is the full list of candidates, with links to some of the more 'interesting' ones.

Grace Christine Astley - Independent
David Laurence Bishop - Church of the Militant Elvis Party
Ronnie Carroll - Make Politicians History
Mad Cow-Girl - The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
David Craig - Independent
Herbert Winford Crossman - Independent
Tess Culnane - National Front Britain for the British
Thomas Faithful Darwood - Independent (
David Michael Davis - Conservative
Tony Farnon - Independent
Eamonn "Fitzy" Fitzpatrick - Independent
Christopher Mark Foren - Independent
Gemma Dawn Garrett - Miss Great Britain Party
George Hargreaves - Christian Party
Hamish Howitt - Freedom 4 Choice
David Icke - No party listed
John Nicholson - Independent
Shan Oakes - Green Party
David Pinder - The New Party
Joanne Robinson - English Democrats: Putting England First
Jill Saward - Independent
Norman Scarth - Independent
Walter Edward Sweeney - Independent
Christopher John Talbot - Socialist Equality Party
John Randle Upex - Independent
Greg Wood - Independent

According to the BBC webste, the Church of the Militant Elvis Party candidate, "Lord Biro", 'wants to overthrow the capitalist state, which he blames for turning the singer Elvis Presley into a "fat media joke". He thinks US President George W Bush is the anti-Christ who will trigger Armageddon. Other policies include imprisoning Cherie Blair to stop her reporting details of her sex life and placing CCTV cameras in Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg's bedroom.'

DD is going to win, of course. But what's the turnout going to be like? And just who from this talented field is going to come last?

(*Jill Saward excepted. I'd vote Jill.)


Old Holborn said...

No Zanu Labour candidate then?

Please repeat nationwide at the next general election (if you lot allow one, that is.)

I see you lot intend to hand out doughnuts to those who vote Labour. Gordon "let them eat cake crumbs" will be pleased.$1230929.htm

Jay said...

...or 'donuts', as the young, NuLabour-educated, probably semi-literate journalist wrote.

I find it incredible to believe that this is a serious suggestion. If it is, then this Government should be forcibly removed from office on the grounds of lack of capacity.