Thursday, 10 July 2008

Kill the poor (2)

I'm going to come back on some of the comments on the original Kill the Poor post at some point - probably Saturday night, sad person that I am - but 90% of my attention is dedicated to watching the boss on QT, so can't do anything do intellectually strenuous at the moment. (Very good on global food price rises I thought. And no, he won't be reading this...)

In the meantime, Alice Miles has an interesting take on Cameron's comments (scroll down a few paras past all the stuff about bishops). Actually, if you want to know what I think you might as well just read what I said in yesterday's debate.

Question Time just finished now and that Andrew Neil programme has started. (Really upping the intellectual stakes this week - expert political commentary from the Cheeky Girls). Can I just say - because absolutely no-one else seems to be saying it - Gordon did not 'liken himself to Heathcliff'! It was a joke. A joke!

In the same New Statesman interview Gordon says he likes reading Ian Rankin novels. I've only read one. I bought it at an airport, only to discover it was about the DFID PPS commiting suicide by throwing himself off Edinburgh Castle. (Or was it murder?) Cheery stuff, and obviously a perfect choice of holiday reading for me.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Hold on Kerry. Are you agreeing with a woman that rails against Cameron's stance because "it doesn't include, it excludes"?

You haven't thought this through have you? ;-)

Mr Potarto said...

Alice Miles wrote: "How dare this man tell that woman she doesn't deserve that help? Do not tell me that is not what Mr Cameron meant."

I stopped reading at that point. She puts words in Cameron's mouth and then immediately decries anyone pointing it out. Last time I heard that sort of debate was in the playground.