Thursday, 10 July 2008

Keeping two chevrons apart

While I was looking at Nad's website to see what she was saying on the abortion issue, I also came across this:

"If I have achieved anything as a blogger, it has been my ability to unite left wing bloggers, who are by nature a divided and argumentative group (as one recently told me).Their poor writing, viscious* invective, bad language and inter-group warfare fades into nothing whenever my name is mentioned or written about, as they all dive in for the attack. I am apparently the absolute hate figure of the left wing bloggers. Now, why would that be I wonder?

If anyone is interested by the way, May was a record month with 674,000 hits - June was down a bit to 547,000.

I can't actually believe those figures - what's going on?"

Yeah, but I get more comments than she does.

* Her spelling, not mine!


Mr Potarto said...

What she fails to mention is that she is a hate figure to a lot of right-wing bloggers as well!

Mr Potarto said...

By the way, the explanation for her hits figures is here:

Basically it's not measuring page impressions, but server calls, and each single page impression can add 45 or more to the counter.

Her blog is fascinating.

Devil's Kitchen said...

"Her blog is fascinating."

Yes. It's like... well... you know how everyone slows down to have a look when there's been a massive car crash? That's what Mad Nad's blog is like: a car crash.


Devil's Kitchen said...

P.S. Of course, Kerry, Nad no longer takes comments on her clog because, apparently, she doesn't have the time.

Strange that...


Jay said...

You certainly did on your "Smoke It" and "Cigarettes and Alcohol" threads but, as one of the despised, I'd prefer if you didn't include my posts in your stats.

Kerry said...

Can I just say - with a sense of weariness - that I was aware of the fact she doesn't allow comments any more and that was the reason for my little 'joke'. And I don't despise smokers. Some of my best friends (etc).

Jay said...

My remark referred to you, not as an individual, but as an MP who was instrumental in bringing about legislation and continuing restrictions which have resulted in a group of 12 million people who are now despised and treated as second class; discriminated against in the workplace, in health care and social life.

You quite simply can't be so naive as to believe that promoting the message 'passive smoking kills' doesn't have negative consequences.