Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Just the two of us

Des Browne might be hoping the next reshuffle comes sooner rather than later.

At PMQs today Gordon Brown suggested that the almost surreally pompous Sir Peter Tapsell should accompany the Defence Secretary on his next visit to Afghanistan, to see for himself the contribution our troops are making on the ground. Cue much hilarity from the rest of the Cabinet, and a rather unsuccessful attempt by Des not to look completely horrified.


Whitby Bridge said...

So you voted against auditing MPs' expenses. Why? It's taxpayers' money. They have the right to know where it's going. Or do you have something to hide?

Kerry said...

I've told you before - you don't get to choose the subjects.

And before you bother replying - I am planning to blog about it later, but right now I have a mountain of post to sign.