Thursday, 17 July 2008

In shreds

Interesting breaking story in tonight's Evening Standard. As it says, Labour MPs support the PLP office - which provides Labour MPs with political briefings, for example before Opposition Day debates, and advice on campaigning - out of their own salaries, to the tune of some £2000 p.a..

According to the Standard, however, 78 Conservative MPs - including Cameron - have been funding their equivalent, the PRU, from their expenses. (Not allowed. Definitely not).

Meanwhile the Times is reporting that Tory MPs are paying PR firms up to £10,000 p.a. from their staffing allowances. (Not money well spent, judging from the fact that I've barely heard of some of those MPs mentioned in the article). And a dozen Tory MPs are paying their wives up to £40,000 to act as 'executive secretaries'.

I must be on a suicide mission tonight. Smoking and MPs expenses.... And I logged on with the intention of talking about kiwi fruit. That one will have to wait.

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