Friday, 13 June 2008

Tony Benn back in Bristol

Went to the Watershed tonight for the showing of a film about Tony Benn's life, which was followed by a Q and A with the man himself. The film is being shown this Sunday and next, on ITV I think. There are several recognisable scenes in the film; Tony was of course MP for Bristol South East for something like 33 years, and there is footage of him outside the St George Labour Club, where I now have my office. (I have to say, it looked a lot smarter in those days!)

Tony as usual had some entertaining anecdotes at his disposal. He told the story of how someone wrote to him after the Russians had first landed a vehicle on the moon - so presumably some 40 years ago or more - saying: "Now that the Russians can put a car on the moon, any chance of sorting out the bus service in Bristol?" I assume the answer was No!

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