Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Stealth learning

I suppose there's a pretty good chance that those of you who read the Guardian don't always read Tuesday's Education supplement. This week's featured the Assistant Head of Ashton Park school in Bristol talking about a programme called Enquiring Minds, developed by Futurelab, which aims to encourage pupils to develop a more questioning approach to their studies and to work independently. It's something I've seen in action on a smaller, informal scale in the Bristol schools in my constituency, and I think it's fascinating. The idea is that the teacher acts as a facilitator, but it's the children who decide on an issue they're interested in, and have to motivate themselves to develop a project and explore it in detail.

The feature doesn't seem to be online - perhaps because it was a supplement to the supplement (it's entitled 'stealth learning') - but it's worth digging out of the recycling bin.

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