Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Pole-dancing in Parliament Square

Not content with chasing the dragon, another might-be-open-to-misinterpretation event for MPs is taking place tomorrow.

Object - which previously led a campaign against magazines such as Nuts and Zoo being on display within reach of children in newsagents - is supporting my Labour colleague Roberta Blackman Woods' 10 Minute Rule Bill calling for better licensing of lap-dancing clubs. Apparently due to a legal loophole such venues fall under a ‘one size fits all’ licensing category also used for cafes, restaurants and karaoke bars.

To publicise the cause Object is setting up what they describe as "a café/strip club installation "in Parliament Square, and have invited MPs along. Not sure whether this is an invitation to spectate or participate!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent Kerry. My wife is in London today and is going along to the Fawcett Society campaign in Parliament Square at lunchtime.