Saturday, 28 June 2008

Free Nelson Mandela

Have just been watching Amy Winehouse murdering 'Free Nelson Mandela' at his birthday concert in Hyde Park. She sounded like someone deliberately trying to sing badly to amuse her drunken friends at a karaoke night. Obviously she is a celebrity and all that, but as far as I know she hasn't a political bone in her body and wouldn't have remembered anything of the original campaign. By contrast, I actually found Eddy Grant's performance of 'Give me Hope Johanna' quite moving. It meant something to him.

I was going to go off on one about why they couldn't have just given Stan, who sang it originally with The Special AKA, another 15 minutes of fame. Thankfully I decided to Google him first, and found out exactly why. Oh dear.

I'm told Gordon was very good when he was being interviewed, but I missed that bit.


Anonymous said...

That's strange because we watched Amy live (on telly!) at Glastonbury last night.

Do Island Records pack a series of pissed women in high heels and beehive wigs off to perform at various venues around the country every morning?

Mind you the litany of missed cues, off notes and near misses at the edge of the stage do make for strangely compulsive viewing.

Although it's a pity for Amy she was followed by Jay-Z delivering a masterclass in everything she's supposed to have - panache, style, wit and class.

He also seems to have quite a few political bones in his body. As well as a political brain and a seamless knowledge of the last 50 years of pop music.

How does anyone become that good at something?

Kerry said...

I was watching a repeat of Friday's concert, on telly. I saw some of the Glastonbury performance, but thought that was pretty dire too.

Didn't see Jay-Z but he was on Jonathan Ross and I thought he was rather charming. Had never quite got what Beyonce saw in him before...