Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Cycle path latest

Someone asked me - via a new comment on an old post - for an update on what's happening with the cycle path. I haven't had a chance to discuss it with councillors recently; this, from the Evening Post, is the latest I've heard. Will follow up with Mark soon, to find out where discussions are within the West of England Partnership regarding alternative routes.


Martyn Whitelock said...

Hi Kerry. It was me - the Bristol citizen who has lived in the wards bordering the Railway Path on the east side of the city for the last twelve years. One of my motivations (and many other people's I believe) for living and settling in Bristol is specifically due to this special greenway.

I respect your interest and concern for the future of the path (and believe you even attended the protest march) so an update from your own perspective would be fantastic, since this is your blog rather than the Labour administration's. I'm sure their intentions will be revealed in the future.

Kerry said...

Martyn, because of the nature of some of the comments that have appeared on the site recently, and because of some advertising spam too, I've started moderating comments which appear on posts more than 14 days old, which is why this took a while to appear - and even then I couldn't work out which post you'd left it on, until I saw the link on the Blogger's site. I am not aware that any comments on the cycle path issue have been deleted, as you said on his site; there are comments on other related posts.

I haven't heard much news re the cycle path in recent weeks, although there are some other announcements in the pipeline re cycling. I don't have the papers to hand at home though.