Saturday, 14 June 2008


Charlotte Leslie, the Tory candidate for Bristol North West, likes to appear 'down with the kids'. In the BEP, writing about post offices, she accused the Labour Government's response of being like Vicky Pollard, i.e. "Am I bovvered?" On her blog she seems to have remembered - or been reminded - it's Catherine Tate's Lauren.

More importantly, she also says that the Conservatives have pledged to match Labour's subsidy of the post office network, which is news to me. Certainly Alan Duncan didn't seem to be saying that in the recent(ish) Opposition Day debate.

Here's Roger Berry MP's characteristically sensible take on the issue. As for what's going in east Bristol, the consultation has now closed and the Post Office has confirmed it plans to go ahead with the proposed closures. As I've said before, my main concern was the impact of the closure of Broomhill Road; I've written to the Post Office and the Co-op, which has a store just across the road, asking if they would be prepared to at least consider the viability of an in-store post office service, but haven't heard back. Time to chase!

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Anonymous said...

Charlotte Leslie is probably as down wiv da kidz as you can get with an expensive private education, a degree in classics at Oxford and a job with the Bow Group,that cutting edge Tory thinktank of the er, 1950s!

How much longer into her career will we have to wait before she proposes bringing back national service?

Anyone who votes for her needs their head tested.