Wednesday, 14 May 2008

What exactly are the Lib Dems for?

So at yesterday's council meeting, it went like this. The Tories voted for a Lib Dem administration. The Lib Dems abstained - i.e. they didn't vote for themselves! Labour are therefore still running the show.

The Lib Dems could have taken control, could have replaced the Labour administration they so roundly criticise, could have seized their moment - but they turned it down. Obviously they're far happier carping from the sidelines than they are being in a position where they might actually be held to account for their actions (as with the debacle over the Home Care workers last year). Surely being in electoral politics is about wanting to gain power so that you can actually implement your party's policies (although hang on, this is the Lib Dems we're talking about - do they have any?) Are our local Lib Dems just there to complain to the council about holes in the road and litter not being picked up, or do they have a broader vision for regenerating our city and improving council services? If they do - why did they turn down the chance to do something about it?

Seems to me that if the Lib Dems don't think they're up to running the council, don't have the confidence in their own ability to take control, they're going to have a hard job next year convincing the voters they should be given another chance.

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Kerry said...

In the interests of accuracy I should perhaps clarify this now - the Tories voted against a Labour administration (allegedly under instructions from Central Office) rather than voting for a Lib Dem administration - although if the Lib Dems had backed them on this, it still would have meant the Lib Dems taking control, so in effect it did mean a vote for a Lib Dem administration, if you follow me.