Friday, 16 May 2008

Two 'g's in blogging

That's a reference to the link to my blog on my main website, which has now been corrected!

My website stats are steadily rising, which is good - we're on track to hit the 30,000 mark this month. Obviously nowhere near Mad Nad's 250,000 hits per month, but I'm not sure I want to go down the path that's required to hit those kind of figures. I have no idea who most of these people are, or why viewing stats can vary from below 500 to over 3000 on consecutive days - it doesn't seem to be linked to how often I post things - but it's good.

We're currently refreshing a lot of the content - e.g. linking news stories to issues pages, adding more links to outside organisations, and generally freshening it up a bit. And I will get round to doing the 'Local Heroes' page one day very soon! The idea is to have whatever the opposite of a rogues' gallery is, of amazing people who have done good works in east Bristol and made a real contribution to the local community. First up is going to be Reg Gregory, a wonderful man who must be 84 by now, and was instrumental in bringing the Wellspring Healthy Living Centre into being (as well as loads of other things). Other candidates include Richard and Joyce Smith, who persevered for years in their campaign to save Arnos Vale cemetery - shame I couldn't be there for the cutting of the turf ceremony this week. It's an amazing place.

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