Thursday, 1 May 2008

Interviews about buses are like buses - they all turn up at once.

I was woken at 7.13am this morning by a phone call from Radio Bristol, asking if I'd go on air in a matter of minutes to talk about the £42m we're expecting from the DfT. Cursing the idiot who had given them my home phone number (which was me), I think I managed to sound lively enough and not as if I'd just woken from less than six hours sleep. During the few minutes I had to collect my thoughts I logged online, and realised my contribution to the Local Transport Bill committee debate had made front page of the Evening Post. Then I got a call from Star Radio, and have just recorded a piece with them too. The level of media interest confirms what we all know - that transport is a huge problem in Bristol, and people are desperate for solutions. So I will certainly be chasing that £42m again, so we can fund more showcase bus routes and get the city moving again.

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