Friday, 9 May 2008

Boris leaves by the back door

Just watching Portillo on This Week refusing to say who he voted for in the London mayoral elections, but saying that he regarded the Boris Johnson campaign as "an insult to my intelligence". So not Boris then.

I wonder how long they'll be able to keep Boris under control? His minders refused to let him answer questions at his first press briefing, and then smuggled him out of the back door of the GLA (whilst Ken, as ever, caught the bus to work to clear his desk).

But surely they can't keep him muzzled for ever. If they do, at least the Johnson family should be good value, from his father insisting he'll do a great job as mayor solely because of his mastery of ancient Greek and Latin, and his sister insisting that he is in no way homophobic because, after all, 'he went to Eton'. It's another world, it really is.

I will probably get round to saying something more intelligent about the local election results at some point, but not tonight...

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