Saturday, 26 April 2008


On a (much lighter) note, I thought Soulwax were absolutely brilliant at the Royal Festival Hall last night, though I didn't quite have the stamina to stay till 2am. They're in Bristol next Wednesday, but that's being advertised as Radio Soulwax rather than 2manyDJs so might not quite be the same thing? They're also showing the "Part of the Week-end Never Dies" film, which we missed last night because we turned up late. I'd definitely recommend it...


Whitby Bridge said...

Just checking the progress of the Finance Bill.

The Bill itself, and Background Notes.

I don't know how you take this all in.

How are you going to vote on the Finance Bill, clause 1?

You're voting today

Kerry said...

No, no, that's not how this works! I post a blog, subject of my choosing, you get to comment on it. If you want to bring up topics of your own, you have to email me as a constituent, at my parliamentary email address.

Anyway, just this once... we didn't have a vote on Clause 1; we're discussing amendments, and so far they've been on Clauses 5 (small companies rate), 6 (capital gains tax), 21 (amusement machines tax) and now 3 (starting rate/ savings rate - which I suspect is what you are interested in). Results will be published tomorrow, but Frank Field has withdrawn his amendment. You can find details of amendments on the website, under public bills I think. There's a new clause 1 up for debate tomorrow but that's about leaseholders.

P.S. If you want to continue the debate, you have to email!

Whitby Bridge said...

This is the internet.

You blog. You don't set the rules. Unless you set your blog to disallow all comments.

If you don't, then you don't set the rules.

Kerry said...

My blog, my rules!

Nothing stopping you "commenting" by raising a completely different subject of course, but that doesn't mean I'm going to answer.

And - in response to a comment you posted elsewhere - nothing makes me less likely to blog on something than being told I "ought to" do so.