Saturday, 12 April 2008


Have just been reading the blog by Tom Harris MP, who was surprised to have attracted interest from a Genesis fans site after mentioning the band. Something similar happened to me: I came up with a list of best Manchester bands during an idle moment at Conference in Manchester in 2006, and ended up being contacted by the guitarist from Big Flame; then I did a list of obscure Bristol bands, and was emailed by the singer of the Private Dicks. If I insert gratuituous references to Evan Dando at every possible opportunity, do you think there's any chance he'll be next?

Incidentally, here's a plug for the next UK Decay reunion - - although I would like to make it quite clear I was never a goth. I was strictly long overcoats and Joy Division. But UK Decay at the Luton carnival was the second ever gig I went to; the first was ELO at Wembley with their huge spaceship and laser light show - quite a difference.

My friend Ray is drumming with the band at the reunion, standing in for Steve Harle who sadly died on a train in India when he was 35 or so, and they've apparently been asked to play at something called the Dead Goths festival in Lisbon this summer too. (I think I've got that right). He is trying to rally the troops so we all go over for it... I have my reservations!


Anonymous said...

Prog rock is a crime against humanity. Harris should be on trial in The Hague, not running the country.

Kerry said...

Tom is a nice guy and a really good Rail Minister. But I agree!

It does get worse - I know a Minister whose favourite song is "I Should Have Known Better" by Jim Diamond. (Yes, he should). He also has a soft spot for Chris de Burgh, and "Romeo and Juliet" by Dire Straits. And he once uttered the phrase "Well you can't deny that Phil Collins is talented" when I tried to point out to him the error of his ways.