Thursday, 17 April 2008

Latest transport news

Just had a very useful meeting with Cllr Mark Bradshaw to discuss local transport issues. The news that Lawrence Hill station - along with Clifton Down - is going to be one of the first on the Severn Beach Line to be modernised is very welcome, as of course is the fact that they've finally signed off on a more frequent service and - for the first time - a Sunday service on the line.

We also discussed the BRT link, and I was very reassured by what he had to say. The plans for Long Ashton to Temple Meads sound good, and are supported by Sustrans. Should make a big difference to traffic along the Cumberland Basin. At the moment my preferred option for the link from Temple Meads to Emerson's Green would be along the M32, as congestion there is such a problem and the other options - Fishponds Road or Stapleton Road - would require a lot of engineering work; but we obviously need to see what the consultants have to say about it. We also talked about what could be done to protect the cycle path and increase use of it by both pedestrians and cyclists (e.g. improving the route around Temple Quay), and about encouraging more use of park-and-ride schemes.

I've been chosen to serve on the Local Transport Bill committee, which has its first session next Tuesday and runs for several weeks, so some of these issues will no doubt come up during those debates.


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