Wednesday, 2 April 2008

BNP and the London Elections

This speaks for itself.


Origin 8 said...

To whom it may concern,
In reference to the B.N.P. in British elections and their growing popularity I feel you are similar to so many other people in your steadfast refusal to ask the obvious; if support for the B.N.P. in London alone has risen from 3000 to 300,000 in a few years then the most important question is clearly, why?
There seems to be only four possibilities:
1) Hundreds of thousands of people have suddenly become 'racist'.
2) Hundreds of thousands of people have suddenly become stupid.
3) The B.N.P. is no longer/never really was, racist.
4) The economic boom of the last ten years fuelled a 'benefits bribery system' along with a conspiracy of media/parliamentary silence around the true feelings of the VAST majority of ENGLISH people regarding mass foreign migration and an accompanying 'multiculture' never put to the British people in referenda despite constituting the greatest social change in our country’s history, is now over.

Of course, some of us who vote B.N.P. also feel morally outraged that the most essential workers (i.e. in health and business) are being taken from Africa and Asia despite the U.N. constantly saying these most desperate of places suffer greatly from this 'brain drain'.
We believe our 1.5 million British unemployed between 16-24 should be OUR new generation of doctors and nurses and the populations of other countries deserve to keep theirs.
We also believe 25,000 women trafficked into our country to be raped to death in our cities because we have NO BORDER CONTROL is a horror of biblical proportions, ignored in favour of British business (or simply put: the rich getting richer.)

The mass of people voting B.N.P. are not racist and actually think race is a non-issue. Instead we are looking at a full range of party policies and more importantly the opportunity for this nascent party to continue to grow and change and finally to become a party to represent our people rather than a globalised commercial M.N.C. greed machine as the non-socialist Labour and non-conservative Tory partys have become. (See sub-prime mortgages, unregulated financial sector, super-rich immunity, and the basic rich/poor divide.)

A building, be it a hospital, a school, a library, is only so much bricks and mortar. A name irrelevant without a human face. And a party as true, fair, honest, racist, evil, socialist, nationalist, liberal, or anything else as the people that constitute it's control.
People like me, member of Anti-Slavery International, member of Mensa, member of the B.N.P., and with a good education, and with honesty and morality, and a overriding wish to debate alternatives to current European governments.
Governments soon be little more than a vast 'managerial tier' within the M.N.C. financial and trade networks. Networks that are currently creating a low paid 'drifting' mass of world populations, the sole purpose of which being to gravitate to which ever country they are most needed as cheap labour.
A mass soon to increase from 6 billion to 9 billion and in doing so also increase the constant civil war world-wide that is bound to follow.

Kerry said...

So you agree with your candidate's comments?