Sunday, 16 March 2008

A prime seat at PMQs

This is for people who know me. It is really annoying to get loads of texts after people have seen me on television sitting behind the PM at PMQs, telling me to stop fidgeting or to put my folder down or to look interested or to uncross my arms. This happens once every five weeks or so, when DFID questions take place immediately before PMQs, so I get a prime seat.

This week it happened to be the Budget too, and got very crowded on the second row seats as PMQs started. (Cue lots of texts telling me I looked very squashed, and congratulating me on my chutzpah in muscling my way in there - I was there first!) Most of the texts, however, were telling me to stop fiddling with my necklace. There was a reason for this. My five year old nephew Oliver had made me a necklace of beads for Mother's Day, and I'd promised him I'd wear it next time I was on television; so the fiddling was to make sure he noticed.

Apparently at school the next day Oliver's 'news' was that his Auntie had worn a necklace he'd made her. His mother says she doesn't think his teacher quite realised what he meant by it!

Next DFID questions is on 30th April - no more texts please, and if I'm wearing a particularly attractive piece of jewellery, you'll know where it came from. (Actually Oliver's MP is a certain Tory who was boasting in Vogue recently of her £4000 diamond earrings; maybe he should send her some of his work?)

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