Friday, 28 March 2008

New poll on website

Having been for the first time surprised by the outcome of a website poll with the last one on post office closures, I suspect the only surprise with the new poll will be if there are any yes votes at all. Will see how it goes, but might pull it after a week or two if the result looks like a foregone conclusion.
It's about the West of England Partnership's plans to put a Bus Rapid Transit link alongside the Bristol-Bath cycle path, which will be voted on by Bristol City Council on Tuesday. On Sunday people will be marching along the cycle path from Fishponds to the city centre, setting off at 2.30pm and rallying at College Green at 4.30pm, to celebrate the cycle path and demonstrate their opposition to the proposals. I've written to the Council, and also spoken to the Transport Minister Jim Fitzpatrick about the plans (hence his rather oblique reference to cycling when he mentioned me in his wind-up speech in the Local Transport Bill debate on Wednesday). I hope that on Tuesday the plans are thrown out.

Breaking news: BBC Points West has just reported that Bristol City Council have said the plans have been shelved. I'd heard earlier that Cllr Mark Bradshaw might be making a statement to that effect, by way of a webcast on the BCC site; not sure that's quite what he's saying... have a listen here: Good on him if he has kicked the plans into touch; we can celebrate on Sunday!

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