Saturday, 29 March 2008

Breaking news (and it's good news!)

According to the Evening Post, it's definite. The Bus Rapid Transit scheme has been shelved: Congratulations to everyone who supported the campaign. Sunday's march and rally will still be going ahead, to get across the message that we don't want the scheme resurrected at a later date.


Woodsy said...

From the Evening Post article: "Instead, the West of England Partnership - made up of the four local authorities in the former Avon area - plans to press ahead with a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) scheme from the city centre to Long Ashton.

The BRT scheme as a whole has not been shelved as you state, they've merely switched to the other half of this controversial scheme, where they think they'll less resistance.

Anonymous said...

It aint dead and you know it. Come on Kerry - get Gordon to RULE OUT tarmaccing over of cycle paths in Bristol.

Kerry said...

See my more recent post - as I understand it the Long Ashton but will go ahead, but that's not on the cycle path. They still want to link it to Emersons Green, but will now be looking at other routes to achieve that.

I can't rule out the possibility of future administrations deciding to resurrect the cycle path scheme, but I'm pretty certain it won't happen under this administration.

I've also spoken to the Transport Minister about it, and have now formally written to him to see if he has any powers to intervene (John Grimshaw's suggestion on Sunday that a trust should be established to take ownership of the path seems like an idea worth exploring). I've also tabled a question on cycle paths for the next Transport question time, (though that's not till April 22nd and I may not get called).