Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Recycling plastics and other stuff

Good news that North Somerset council is introducing recycling facilities for Tetrapak cartons. Let's hope that Bristol City Council can follow suit - somewhere to put the soya milk cartons at last! One of my constituents has until now been packaging her Tetrapak cartons up and sending them by post to somewhere in Scotland, and I always feel very guilty putting them in the bin.

Bristol is slowly getting better at recycling - two new plastics banks have just opened in my constituency - but they only take plastic bottles. (I've never been quite sure why plastic bottles of different colours, shapes and thickness are acceptable, but plastic pots and trays bearing the recycling symbol aren't - although the new recycling bank at Kingsway clarifies this a bit by saying that bottles marked 1 or 2, HDCE or PET are acceptable). Of course the ideal is to avoid plastic packaging in the first place, but that's sometimes easier said than done. Glad to see that the Kingsway bank is already full, which shows the huge demand for such facilities.

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